The Slowpoke: YEVUThe Slowpoke: YEVU
Sometimes we need a dash of ethically-produced, bright, colourful and happy clothing in our wardrobes. Even better when it comes in the form of so perfectly mismatched patterns.

In its second year, Yevu is a clothing line made ethically by local seamstresses in Ghana, and of local fabrics. Having spent 12 months living and working in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, the name and greeting ‘yevu’ – meaning ‘white woman’ followed Anna Robertson, director of Yevu, everywhere. Anna found a love for the traditional ‘wax’ prints that were prevalent in the country and so began her social enterprise. 

Along every step of the process, from textiles, to local creatives and wholesalers, seamstresses and tailors, Yevu is built to support the local community and maximise benefits to them, providing stable incomes in economically disadvantaged areas where this is rare.

After selling out in just one week with their October launch last year, Yevu are back with their second range this month. “For the new range, we really wanted to stick with our simple design aesthetic, where the print is the feature, but have incorporated some more chic pieces, such as the womens open jacket and the midi length skirt, whilst sticking with the YEVU favourites – mens short and shirt ensemble, mini skirts and unisex bomber jackets,” says Anna.

“The design and quality is more refined as I was able to take designer Anna Westcott with me to Ghana to provide some training to the team of 10 or so seamstresses and tailors we work with, whilst also and monitoring production. So there was a real attention to detail for this range.”

The new range will become available on the Yevu website, www.yevuclothing.com this month – follow their Facebook page to keep updated.

The Slowpoke: YEVU
The Slowpoke: YEVUThe Slowpoke: YEVU The Slowpoke: YEVU The Slowpoke: YEVU The Slowpoke: YEVU The Slowpoke: YEVU The Slowpoke: YEVU The Slowpoke: YEVUClothing: Yevu
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