The Slowpoke: THE GRAY GIRLS The Slowpoke: THE GRAY GIRLS

Two style posts within the week! (Sorry if they’re not your thing, but hey, we all have to get dressed in the morning right?) There’s something in the water within the world of sustainable clothing, with more ethical options than ever. One we’re a little excited about this week is the launch on Wednesday of The Gray Girls, for their carefully curated lot of vintage threads.

While we love ourselves a wardrobe kitted out with basics, a hearty dose of fun and unique vintage certainly doesn’t go astray either. And it doesn’t get more sustainable for clothing than recycling old wares and keeping them from a life in landfill. 

The Gray Girls – made up of two sisters, Tess and Sharee Gray – have spent the year foraging for quality secondhand clothes in preparation for the launch of their new online store – which will hit the ground running tomorrow! And really, who can resist a good vintage outfit accompanied with thoughts on what to eat while wearing it. We caught the lovely duo for a chat about their new venture and what we can expect.

Tell us about The Gray Girls?

Sharee: “The Gray Girls is an eclectic vintage and recycled clothing label; the brainchild of the Gray sisters; a wardrobe for the barefooted; a means to travel, buy and blog about vintage finds; an excuse for sisters to do something collaborative together.

“It is an eclectic vintage fashion label orchestrated by us – two sisters – Tess Gray and myself, Sharee Gray. Sharing our love of vintage one-off pieces with the world. We love to work with fresh new labels styling them with our vintage collections, a basic ‘show how’ to show wearers how vintage can be worn and worn well. Before we decided to release a vintage collection, which is launching this month – all the garments came from our own personal wardrobe collection or from country town op-shops. We felt it was time to be intentional and shop for our followers and buyers – hence our upcoming collection – an exclusive 138 vintage pieces.

“Also working alongside us is our amazing photographer Alex Carlyle – we consider her to be an extension of this vintage sisterhood. We love respect and adore her work and we are so blessed to have her interpret our aesthetics through her lens. She truly has enabled us to create the soul expression of what Gray Girls is.”

What are your backgrounds, and what led to the start of The Gray Girls?

S: “We ventured into study together – Tess in graphic design and visual communication and me  in fashion design and styling. It all started in early 2013 when I made the leap from quiet, coastal Mollymook to hustling, bustling Sydney. Jobless and completely broke, I was forced to raid my own collection of vintage loves and grudgingly sell them via Instagram to pay my rent. The clothes sold like hotcakes.

“As demand for my vintage items grew, I saw an opportunity to do what I loves – buy clothes and share my finds with others. A common conversation between Tess and I was how could we collaborate our skills to create something great! It appeared the opportunity was laying there on a platter – and alas – The Gray Girls was born.”

What do you love about vintage fashion, and what is its importance to you? 

S: “As kids we were brought up op-shopping. Our mum would always make it a fun expedition. It is something that has never left us.

“We love that each piece has a story and you now get to continue it with your own personal journey. Living in such a mass-produced world I think the wearer will hold so much more value to the piece knowing that its unique and a one-off piece. A Gray Girl piece is something you won’t find mass produced in every shop window… it’s unique and special.

“After traveling to LA and seeing the amount of vintage clothing one city had to offer, my eyes were open to how much excess fashion there is. Factories and warehouses full to the roof! There was so much gold amongst the boxes and boxes of vintage! Too much! I wish I could have brought more back! We are 100 percent excited about encouraging the wearer to think sustainably and we are all about showing how to do that in a creative and fun way.

“We also have some exciting new designers that we are collaborating with that are all fair trade. We’re aiming to show the customer to be sustainable with our vintage and fair when buying new garments.”

What can we expect to find with your store launch and over the coming months from The Gray Girls?

S: “We are so excited to be in the countdown at last! To be honest we are just enjoying being present in the moment. We really have no idea what is ahead but all we do know is that we are passionate about what we are doing and we are having so much fun along the way. We did not think we would be launching a website a year ago. We are so excited to see how people react to our first range and then I guess we will jump into whatever door opens up next. We have a bunch of ideas but life always seems to take you on a different path then planned, we find it way more exciting this way.”

To visit The Gray Girls when their site launches tomorrow with their new collection, head to And keep a look out over this way at The Slowpoke, we’ll bring you the recipes soon for a couple of these tasty homemade ice pops, in time for summer!

The Slowpoke: THE GRAY GIRLS The Slowpoke: THE GRAY GIRLS The Slowpoke: THE GRAY GIRLS The Slowpoke: THE GRAY GIRLS The Slowpoke: THE GRAY GIRLS The Slowpoke: THE GRAY GIRLS The Slowpoke: THE GRAY GIRLS The Slowpoke: THE GRAY GIRLSClothing: The Gray Girls // Fashion photos: Alex Carlyle // Concept + food photos: Luisa Brimble // Food styling: Jacob Leung // Flowers: Rachel Allan // Model: Bella Bray

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