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It is February already – over halfway through it even – which means we’re nearing the season that is our favourite time of year for the outdoors and some time spent camping. Autumn brings days still warm enough to swim in rivers, oceans and lakes, along with nights cool enough to light a fire, cook some food to smoky perfection with it, and snuggle up overnight in a cosy abode.

Homecamp is a new Australian crew bringing that cosy to the camp table in magnificent style. Founded recently by Stephanie Pajic and Doron Francis, Homecamp is on a mission to make camping more comfortable, and is a new online store offering these amazing canvas bell tents along with a selection of sleeping, cooking and adventuring paraphernalia. All of which are made to last.

“Homecamp all started out because we had a bell tent for several years which always drew a lot of attention when we went camping or took it to festivals,” says Stephanie. “We decided it would be fun to have our own version manufactured especially for Australian conditions – which we did – much more durable, hardier parts and a canvas able to withstand extremes (UV, water, mould resistant). We have no interest in supplying products which need to be constantly replaced or updated. We enjoy classic design – products that are functional and honest – something your grand parents might recognise and could still be around for your grand children to enjoy.”

“Homecamp is about encouraging people to get outside and enjoy nature without having to feel it’s technical sport – more of a ‘slow’ camping vibe that’s facilitated by our quality products and services.” As a second side to the business, Homecamp also offer a pop-up camp accommodation service – you can have a selection of their tents set up with all you need for gatherings of all kind.

“Like a lot of people (most Australians in fact) we are city urbanites who love to recharge in nature. We are lucky enough to live in a country with an abundance of outdoor pursuit possibilities within easy reach of everyone so its shame that more people don’t get out there.” With so many great open spaces within a weekend drive of our cities and homes, where’s your next adventure going to be? You can visit Homecamp at www.homecamp.com.au.

The Slowpoke: HOMECAMP The Slowpoke: HOMECAMP The Slowpoke: HOMECAMP The Slowpoke: HOMECAMP The Slowpoke: HOMECAMP The Slowpoke: HOMECAMP The Slowpoke: HOMECAMP The Slowpoke: HOMECAMP

Products: Homecamp // Photos: Brooke Holm
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