The Slowpoke: DRY SHAMPOOThe Slowpoke: DRY SHAMPOO

Sometimes it’s just all a little too tempting to spend those extra few minutes in bed. Or taking the extra time enjoying breakfast with your family. Or walking the long scenic route to work. All of which can tend to leave a few minutes less for things like hair washing.

Whether you’re short of shower time or trying to skip a shampoo or two for the sake of letting the natural oils of your hair work their goodness, dry shampoo can be a saviour on greasy locks, buying you an extra day between washes.

Commercial dry shampoos are hugely popular for this reason, but rather than passing over your money for those that are so often laden with toxins, try making your own. It’s gloriously simple – and cheap. And yet it still works wonders.

At it’s most basic, you can use oil-absorbing flours such as corn, rice, arrowroot or oat flours. For darker hair throwing in a bit of cocoa or cacao will help it blend in with your hair. Blondes can try blending some dried chamomile through it. And if you’d like it to smell great, get some herbs or essential oils in the mix. Below are two recipes we’ve made up – feel free to experiment with your own mix.

Light hair
1/2 cup rice flour
2 tablespoons chamomile powder (make by blending dried chamomile)
2 tablespoons lavender powder (made by blending dried lavender)

Dark hair
1/4 cup rice flour
1/4 cup cocoa
2 tablespoons rosemary powder (make by blending dried rosemary)

For each recipe, combine ingredients by stirring well. Apply to the roots of your hair, either with a dry makeup blush brush, or a little at a time with your fingertips. Distribute evenly then brush through briefly. You’re good to go!

theslowpoke_homemadedryshampoo3 The Slowpoke: DRY SHAMPOO The Slowpoke: DRY SHAMPOO The Slowpoke: DRY SHAMPOO The Slowpoke: DRY SHAMPOO The Slowpoke: DRY SHAMPOO

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  • elissa

    This is brillant, I am a dryshampoo fan , up until I wanted to reduce nasty chemical use on my hair and body.. this al natural recipe will be perfect for those mornings when you wish you had washed your hair !! .. thankyou team slowpoke !! wicked stuff ! yay

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